Introducing Hitch… Expressive CSS Power and HTML Widgetry

Since this is our maiden blog post, it probably makes sense to explain just what in the name of Almighty Bob Hitch is.

The easiest way to understand it is to watch this handy video…


In a nutshell though, Hitch is a library which, once included into a page allows amazing new things to be expressed in your otherwise ordinary CSS and HTML…

If you are the author of CSS and HTML – it allows you to express wildly complex and amazing new things without writing a line of JavaScript…

If you are a JavaScript ninja, it provides a plugin model just like jQuery which allows you to expand the capabilities and provide even more amazing things for those authors to use.

Read more about it over at our where you can also find a browsable repository of all of the plugins (we call them “hitches”) that you can use and information about writing and submitting your own.


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